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原书作者Hipel和McLeod在他们主页上提供公开下载,原网页是 http://www.stats.uwo.ca/faculty/aim/1994Book/。免费使用的条件是:

“We give our permission to use this material freely for teaching provided that the following citation is included: “Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems” by Keith W. Hipel and A. Ian McLeod.”

(我们许可免费使用本书用于教学目的,只要将下述引用包括进来:“Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems” by Keith W. Hipel and A. Ian McLeod.”)

这本关于水文数据时间序列的书长达1千多页,内容十分丰富;遗憾的原网页在国内一些地方被屏蔽,无法访问, 转帖到这里方便国内学者使用。务请尊重原作者许可的使用条件。

Hipel K W, Mcleod A I. Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elesevier, 1994, 1013.

Links: Link1 (Baidu, ~63MB)

A JoH paper on routing

Zhang L, Nan Z*, Liang X*, Xu Y, Hernandez F, Li L. Application of the MacCormack Scheme to Overland Flow Routing for High-spatial Resolution Distributed Hydrological Model. Journal of Hydrology. 2018, 558: 421-431.


Although process-based distributed hydrological models (PDHMs) are evolving rapidly over the last few decades, their extensive applications are still challenged by the computational expenses. This study attempted, for the first time, to apply the numerically efficient MacCormack algorithm to overland flow routing in a representative high-spatial resolution PDHM, i.e., distributed hydrology-soil-vegetation model (DHSVM), in order to improve its computational efficiency. The analytical verification indicates that both the semi and full versions of the MacCormack schemes exhibit robust numerical stability and are more computationally efficient than the conventional explicit linear scheme. The full-version outperforms the semi-version in terms of simulation accuracy when a same time step is adopted. The semi-MacCormack scheme was implemented into DHSVM (version 3.1.2) to solve the kinematic wave equations for overland flow routing. The performance and practicality of the enhanced DHSVM-MacCormack model were assessed by performing two groups of modeling experiments in the Mercer Creek watershed, a small urban catchment near Bellevue, Washington. The experiments show that DHSVM-MacCormack can considerably improve the computational efficiency without compromising the simulation accuracy of the original DHSVM model. More specifically, with the same computational environment and model settings, the computational time required by DHSVM-MacCormack can be reduced to several dozen minutes for a simulation period of three months (in contrast with one day and a half by the original DHSVM model) without noticeable sacrifice of the accuracy. The MacCormack scheme proves to be applicable to overland flow routing in DHSVM, which implies that it can be coupled into other PHDMs for watershed routing to either significantly improve their computational efficiency or to make the kinematic wave routing for high resolution modeling computational feasible.

Keywords: MacCormack Scheme; Overland Flow Routing; DHSVM; Kinematic Wave; Computational Efficiency

Links: Link1 (Elesvier, 50day’s free access since Feb 4, 2018) ;


强德霞,赵彦博,南卓铜*,吴小波. 基于参数实时优化的洪水预报系统研究:以黑河干流洪水为例. 水利水电技术. 2017, 48(4): 13-17.


Full text available upon request.




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