Dopod(多普达) P800通过Bluetooth(蓝牙)与laptop(笔记本)同步(ActiveSync)

因为机器重装,安装了 ActiveSync 4.5,laptop上是outlook 2007,p800上是wm 5。通过bluetooth来连接ActiveSync是个比较trick的东西。不过这个已经很简单,我以前连接过DELL Axim,更是不好搞(我好像有blog记录,请在Google检索 ActiveSync)。

  1. Download ActiveSync 4.5 (
  2. Install ActiveSync 4.5
  3. Go to the control panel to see the bluetooth COM settings. In my example, COM7 is the port used to set up the bluetooth local server. (fig. 1)
  4. Open the connection settings in the ActiveSync 4.5. Enable "Allow connections to one of the following:" and select COM7. (see previous step to determine which port is used for the blue tooth server, fig. 2). Save setting.
  5. Open your P800, go to the application and click on ActiveSync. In the window of ActiveSync, click the "menu" at the bottom, select "connect by Bluetooth".
  6. Make sure your bluetooth at both sides has been enabled. "Connection by bluetooth" will bring up a dialog to partner the PC. Just follow its instruction (in my case I need to validate both bluetooth sides by entering a same password). At last, Select "ActiveSync" option under your pairing PC and save.
  7. At the first time, a configuration will be asked to complete by selecting what items will be synchronized.
  8. If it said the PC name already exists, for example in my case the P800 connected to the previous system which by default has the name Windows PC, feel free to take a difference name. Then go to the menu of ActiveSync to delete the previous connection. Data will not lose in this manner.

The tricky things exist in the steps 3 and 4. Make sure do this prior to partnering bluetooth device.

fig. 1, Bluetooth local COM

fig. 2, Connection settings

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