Grove City

Today, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Shuya, Yanzhi and I visited Grove City, the largest shopping factory outlet in Pennsylvania, 2hr far away from Pitt. There are many clothes shops, a variety of famous brands, as well as other kind of stores, for ex, book seller, Steeler shops, houseware store, etc.
As things sold there are directly from factory and even without tax deductible, making price much lower than elsewhere. Shuya bought four Coach bags for his friend and family, saying it would take much higher in Taiwan. Oh, the two guys together with me are Taiwanese. A lot of things (clothes, pants, shirts, etc) are tagged with prices under 10 usd, even much acceptable for Chinese people who earn money in RMB.
I will take my family to this place again if they could be here. I am sure they will be much happier than me.
For me, I got two coats 80% off, costing approximately 30 for original 100 usd. The first time I experienced " shopping happiness" as Shuya said. In China, there are also all kinds of discount. But I am hard to trust those vendors, some of discounted bad in quality, or there something fraud in price. In US you can take all those things off your mind.

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