GetMODIS: A tool to download MODIS data in a batched manner

An effective tool to download MODIS data in a batched manner
Author: Zhuotong Nan @njnu ([email protected])
Date: 1/18/2016

1. Specifiy parameters in the config.ini file upon your needs
the para names are well self-explanatory.
2. Run GetModis.exe

* Param “tiles” should be set for those datasets tiled such as MOD09GA;
and leave it blank or comment it out for datasets with no tiles such as MOD09CMG
* the format for multiple tiles:
where hTile represent the horizontal tile no, and vTile the vertical tile no.
* set quietmodel to true if you dont like to see the download progress
* larger number of threads will generally increase the download speed. However too
many threads may cause your ip blocked. a value of no more than 10 is advised.

v1.0 1/18/2016
+ intial release


Source codes are available upon request.

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