[v1.1] 一个批量将MODIS LST HDF转换为GeoTIFF的工具 (modislst2tif_bat)



当前版本 1.1 (下载地址见文末)

Bulk conversion of raw MODIS LST hdf to TIFF

1. Batch processing conversion of MODIS land surface HDF to GeoTIFF;
2. Support mosaic of multiple tiles;
3. Support spatial subset;
4. Output variables of choice.


1. configure modislst2tif_bat_config.txt as you need
1.1 the default data dir is ../modislst.raw if it is not set in the config file
1.2 the output will be in ../tif by default
1.3 the default temp dir is ../temp

2. run modislst2tif.exe after the config file is properly set.

3. the output tiffs include all variables by default. The output variables can be chosen in LST.prm by setting the SPECTRAL_SUBSET variable.
3.1 the bits SPECTRAL_SUBSET represent the presence of Lst_Day_1km, QC_Day, Day_view_time, Day_view_angl, Lst_Night_1km, QC_Night, Night_view_time, Night_view_angl, Emis_31, Emis_32, Clear_day_cov, and Clear_night_cov.
3.2 set the bit to 0 to disable the output of the corresponding variable.

4. specify the extent
4.1 set lower left lat/lon coordinates with SPATIAL_SUBSET_LR_CORNER; and
4.2 set upper right lat/lon coordinates with SPATIAL_SUBSET_UL_CORNER in LST.prm
4.3 the default extent is for Qinghai-Tibet plateau

5. Unless you know what exactly mean for other variables in LST.prm, do not try to alter the settings. Do not rename LST.prm.

Known issues:

v1.1, May 31, 2018
   + now support comment line (using semicolon (;)) in config file
   # support INI format for configuration
   + add a new option: MOD or MYD, for handling terra and aqua data
   * output all variables in raw hdf by default, which can be switched off using SPECTRAL_SUBSET in LST.prm.
v1.02, May 3, 2018
   + compiled with Qt 5
   + added command line options: -? for help and -v for version info
   + rewrote Readme.txt (this file)
v1.01, March 21, 2013
   + compiled with Qt 4
v1.0, Jan 31, 2011
   + initial release

Update: May 31, 2018
Zhuotong Nan ([email protected])

lsthdf-tif-bat-codes.v1.1,~5.8MB (百度云, )

2 thoughts on “[v1.1] 一个批量将MODIS LST HDF转换为GeoTIFF的工具 (modislst2tif_bat)

  1. 刘张

    您好,我是中科院地理所的博士生,第一次处理modis LST数据,采用您的modislst2tif_bat后,有个疑问:您工具里用的投影转换方式是怎样的,与MODIS REPROJECTION TOOL(MRT)处理后的影像有哪些差异呢?还有就是重采样之后对数据的影响是怎么的, 逐像元的位置和温度的偏差与原始图像相比会很大吗?


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