Noah LSM 3.4.1 binaries for Windows

在Windows 10下利用MinGW编译了Noah LSM 3.4.1。可执行包链接如下: (Baidu Pan)

包括 driver.exe 对应simple driver版本,urban_driver.exe对应 urban版本。







This is a Noah LSM 3.4.1 version for Windows, compiled with the latest MinGW version (GNU Fortran 6.3.0). I have tested on my Win10 laptop.

NetCDF support has been removed in this binary version due to its huge time costs in compiling with MinGW. You can use ASCII formart to prepare the model drives as demonstrated in the official example data files (bondville.dat). If you prefer to use NetCDF, you have to compile the sources obtained from the offical web site (Goolging Noah LSM).

Credits please go to the group who developed Noh LSM.

Enjoy your research

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