Outlook 2007 archiving error

During the archiving processing, an error happens, saying,

Error while archiving folder "shull" in store "Personal Folders". A folder by this name already exists.

which can be found in the archive log item in the Deleted Items folder.

After examining carefully, I found in the archiving folder, there is a folder named Shull already existing but in a difference case. Change the “shull” folder name in the personal folder to “Shull”, start archiving again. The problem gets solved.

It seems that the folder name in the Outlook 2007 is case-sensitive. In the archiving process, the program intends to create a folder name “shull” in the archiving file. However, the folder creation is case-insensitive. When it found that there was already a folder name “Shull”, it stopped and subsequently an error threw out.

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