pm v22 release

Do you have read many of native English articles, and find many of good
English sentences?  Do you suffer the pain that when you start to
composite your English article, you forget how to express your idea in
a native manner, despite the sentence seems very familiar to you? ok,
this is very you want. this software is specially designed to  back
your English sentences you met during your reading, and will help you
much to article composition.

it’s the first time open to the Internet public.

I have attached some screenshots below. If it’s you are interested,
please drop me an email, or let me know by whatever ways you can, I
will send you an Url for download.

Bug reports , comments , or suggestions, should be send to [email protected].

2 thoughts on “pm v22 release

  1. Zhuotong

    it is designed to help the graduate students with a little English difficult to composite their articles easily. anyway, if you’re interested, please write me at [email protected], or leave your mailbox here.


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