compiling Qt 4 with (obselete)

see this item for latest method

1. unpack to c:qt4.0.0
2. open cmd, then locate to c:qt4.0.0

cd qt4.0.0

3. unpack to the Qt 4.0.0 directory
4. configure Qt 4 with MinGW. This step is necessary, otherwise it will prompt missing of files when do nmake.

configure -platform win32-g++

5. go to the qmake directory, then use Makefile.win32-msvc to recompile qmake.

cd qmake
nmake -f Makefile.win32-msvc
am also wondering if there is a makefile for
Unfortunately, there is not such a file due to absence of qmake
generator file specific to However, we can regard qmake using
win32-msvc option is compatible with environment, considering
the successful final nmake link result.

6. go back the root directory of Qt 4. Using qmake with recursive
option to produce makefiles in current directory and all its

cd ..
qmake -recursive -spec

7. nmake Qt4. The process will be longer than you expected. Be patient. 🙂


编译是变态的慢,要有心理准备哦!我在dell c640/2.0G/512M上花了将近6个小时才编译完成

If you need, please leave me a message, or drop me an
Email. You can also download this file from Kde-cygwin maillist. Thank
Andreas Hausladen for sending this zip file to the public maillist.

p.s. It will be better to use makespec files got from the win
evaluation Qt 4 version. Just override the counterparts in I have done as this, and comipled successfully.

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