compile qt with

1. unzip opensource version

//2. run configure with win32-g++ // obselete, a good methods here

3. should merge with, then overwrote by files from mkspecs-from-evaluation-version

4. set qmakespec to
4.1 rename the License.cpl to license.TROLL
4.2 copy qmake-from-eval to qmake dir, rename to qmake.exe
4.2 open the makefile under the qmake dir, comments the all: xxx line, and then add a line "all: "
4.3 run configure, it will configure for you.

5. use qmake -recursive to generate makefiles (in general, this step
will be done during the configure process. but, if you run with any
other makespec rather than, please do it again. In a clean installation, it’s ok to skip this step)

6. nmake all files, it will cost much time. but, you can stop it at any
time, and then simply run nmake again to continue the process.

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