Sandboxie 中输入法切换导致stuck问题

Updated: 我感觉我找到解决方案了。在Wnd 里允许访问Wnd Class,然后测试就没有IME切换问题了,不需要其他任何设置。如下图所示(sandboxie-plus, v1.8.4), Apr 15, 2023

I’m pleased to say that I’ve found a solution that works. By enabling access to all Wnd Class, the CJK IME stuck in sandboxie issue has been resolved. I’m curious, though: was I the first to discover this solution? I’ve attached a screenshot below to show the necessary settings in Sandboxie-Plus. No additional settings are required.

enabling access to all Wnd Class in Sandboxie-plus, v1.8.4

Updated: 好像找到一个workaround,在打开Sandboxied Scrivener 之前,先将输入法切换到中文键盘,然后再打开Scrivener,就可以用中文输入法了,但要注意,不要切换至英文键盘(ENG),同样会stuck住,但可以用中文键盘里的英文模式。-Apr 13, 2023

Updated: 这个方法好像不work,当时好了一阵子,今天再次打开,又出现同样问题。-Mar 29, 2023

我在win 11 下的sandboxie plus 下安装了一个Scrivener 3 试用版,禁止了Internet 访问。安装都很正常,软件也能起来。但在试用过程中当从英文切换到中文输入法时,软件就停止响应(not responding),死在那里。

主要是因为win 11 的权限问题。解决方案是在该sandbox 里合适设置:

设置 options > Security Options > Security Hardening > Elevation restrictions > Drop rights from Administrators and Power Users groups 以及其下的 Make applications think they are running elevated 都打上勾,如下图所示。

Bravo !

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