Linode买了月费$5 的VPS (购买前搜索一下往往可以找到一些优惠代码,有$10、20不等的优惠码),选用的是Tokyo 2机房,ping的延迟大概是200ms左右,每月1TB的流量,够用了。

在之上安装了CentOS 7,并安装了shadowsocks服务。

Windows上安装了Shadowsocks for win;


A paper on an application of GRACE gravity data

Cao Y, Nan Z, Cheng G, Zhang L. Hydrological variability in the arid lands of northwest China during 2002-2013. Advances in Meteorology. 2018, 2018(1502472): 1-13. DOI:10.1155/2018/1502472.


The arid region of Northwest China (ANC) has a distinct and fragile inland water cycle. This study examined the hydrological variations in ANC and its three subregions from August 2002 to December 2013 by integrating terrestrial water storage (TWS) anomaly data derived from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite, soil moisture data modeled by the Global Land Data Assimilation System, and passive microwave snow water equivalent data. The results show that the TWS in ANC increased at a rate of 1.7mm/a over the past decade, which consisted of an increasing trend of precipitation (0.12mm/a). Spatially, in the northern ANC, TWS exhibited a significant decreasing trend of −3.64 mm/a ( < 0.05) as a result of reduced rainfall, increased glacial meltwater draining away from the mountains, and intensified human activities. The TWS in southern and eastern ANC increased at a rate of 2.14 ( = 0.10) and 1.63 ( < 0.01)mm/a, respectively. In addition to increasing precipitation and temperature, decreasing potential evapotranspiration in Southern Xinjiang and expanding human activities in Hexi-Alashan together led to an overall increase in TWS. Increased glacier meltwater and permafrost degradation in response to climate warming may also affect the regional TWS balance. The variations in soil moisture, groundwater, and surface water accounted for the majority of the TWS anomalies in southern and easternANC.The proposed remote sensing approach combiningmultiple data sources proved applicable and useful to understand the spatiotemporal characteristics of hydrological variability in a large area of arid land without the need for field observations.

Links: Baidu, Official,


这些路径在资源管理器里一路点下去,最终提示找不到路径,在cmd下提示 system cannot find the specified path;此外雪上加霜的是这些路径可能还有权限的问题,通过资源管理器里的security下的advance将安全传播到子目录,会提示 cannot enumerate objects in the container类似的提示,cmd下的takeown等也类似有找不到specified path的问题而无法起作用。用我此前开发的removelongpath也无法删除,会提示 access is denied (因为权限不对)。

我天才的试了一下rsync里的sync功能,居然可行!通过 rsync (如deltac)里的sync (即client上没有的server端文件要被删除)来实现删除这些长路径。长路径放到server端。为了解决windows下的权限问题,把deltas的服务设为管理员权限。在客户端使用 –perms选项。

原因大概是因为rsync是个mingw的仿win环境,可以绕过win本身设置的一些限制,比如max path这些。



环境:win 10,ZCOM互动杂志 (通过查看相册exe文件的属性信息)


  1. 打开zmaker的exe程序,不关,到 C:\Sandbox\<你的用户名>\test\user\current\AppData\Local\Temp\{一串数字和横线}\,注意时间戳(最新生成的),慢慢可以找到。
  2. 里面有很多文件夹,把这些文件夹拷贝出来,这些文件夹下面是一些main.swf,这个是flash动画,对应着电子杂志里的每一页。
  3. 到百度里搜索 swf extractor 的某个绿色版,打开,将需要的那个main.swf 打开,就可以看到里面的照片,提取出来,保存即可。


参考 http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_3d8405d50100fplh.html,win10下有所不同。


看了几个机器学习的东西,其中一个是Tesseract,ocr可以用于转换图片到文字。这几天在考虑国家自然科学基金,里面查项目一项有个简单的验证码,十分讨厌,所以以这个为例,试着用了一下,写了个小代码。调用了Tesseract用于ocr,Magick convert用于图片转换,识别率还是比较高 (如果对Tesseract专门训练可能效果更好,但我简单看了一下还是蛮复杂的样子)。这意味着理论上我们就可以把国自项目的信息全部爬下来,不过没有时间去弄。

  • Qt 5/ Mingw环境。
  • ImageMagick-7.0.7-22-portable-Q16-x86
  • Tesseract-OCR-4.0.0alpha




原书作者Hipel和McLeod在他们主页上提供公开下载,原网页是 http://www.stats.uwo.ca/faculty/aim/1994Book/。免费使用的条件是:

“We give our permission to use this material freely for teaching provided that the following citation is included: “Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems” by Keith W. Hipel and A. Ian McLeod.”

(我们许可免费使用本书用于教学目的,只要将下述引用包括进来:“Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems” by Keith W. Hipel and A. Ian McLeod.”)

这本关于水文数据时间序列的书长达1千多页,内容十分丰富;遗憾的原网页在国内一些地方被屏蔽,无法访问, 转帖到这里方便国内学者使用。务请尊重原作者许可的使用条件。

Hipel K W, Mcleod A I. Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elesevier, 1994, 1013.

Links: Link1 (Baidu, ~63MB)

新版DeltaCopy: DeltaCopy_rsync3.12

支持Rsync 3.1.2和Cygwin 2.3.1,消除了Windows上的权限问题,其中的rsync, cygwin1等几个包来自cwRsync_5.5.0_x86_Free。我做了简单的repack和测试。



a. 如果已经安装了DeltaCopy Service,那么在安装此版本前,需要把原Service卸载掉,方法如下:

1 在控制面板的服务里找到deltacopy server,将之停止

2 管理权限打开cmd

3 运行 sc delte deltacopyservice,会提示删除成功

b. 把DeltaCopy_rsync3.12.zip下载后(下载链接见后文),解压缩到某文件夹。 Continue reading

A JoH paper on routing

Zhang L, Nan Z*, Liang X*, Xu Y, Hernandez F, Li L. Application of the MacCormack Scheme to Overland Flow Routing for High-spatial Resolution Distributed Hydrological Model. Journal of Hydrology. 2018, 558: 421-431.


Although process-based distributed hydrological models (PDHMs) are evolving rapidly over the last few decades, their extensive applications are still challenged by the computational expenses. This study attempted, for the first time, to apply the numerically efficient MacCormack algorithm to overland flow routing in a representative high-spatial resolution PDHM, i.e., distributed hydrology-soil-vegetation model (DHSVM), in order to improve its computational efficiency. The analytical verification indicates that both the semi and full versions of the MacCormack schemes exhibit robust numerical stability and are more computationally efficient than the conventional explicit linear scheme. The full-version outperforms the semi-version in terms of simulation accuracy when a same time step is adopted. The semi-MacCormack scheme was implemented into DHSVM (version 3.1.2) to solve the kinematic wave equations for overland flow routing. The performance and practicality of the enhanced DHSVM-MacCormack model were assessed by performing two groups of modeling experiments in the Mercer Creek watershed, a small urban catchment near Bellevue, Washington. The experiments show that DHSVM-MacCormack can considerably improve the computational efficiency without compromising the simulation accuracy of the original DHSVM model. More specifically, with the same computational environment and model settings, the computational time required by DHSVM-MacCormack can be reduced to several dozen minutes for a simulation period of three months (in contrast with one day and a half by the original DHSVM model) without noticeable sacrifice of the accuracy. The MacCormack scheme proves to be applicable to overland flow routing in DHSVM, which implies that it can be coupled into other PHDMs for watershed routing to either significantly improve their computational efficiency or to make the kinematic wave routing for high resolution modeling computational feasible.

Keywords: MacCormack Scheme; Overland Flow Routing; DHSVM; Kinematic Wave; Computational Efficiency

Links: Link1 (Elesvier, 50day’s free access since Feb 4, 2018) ; Baidu;

Captcha Decoder: pwntcha

在cygwin 2.9下重新编译了一下,不容易,遇到各种问题,主要还是代码太老了,库等都跟不上了。最后发现对我关心的事情还是没啥用,它适合的场合还是过于简单。把编译好的程序打包放在这里共享好了(链接在下文)。


几种常用的可以搞定的样式如下: Continue reading