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  • Hu J#, Zhao S#, Nan Z*, Wu X, Sun X. A novel approach for mapping permafrost in a large  area using subregion maps and satellite data. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes. 2020,  31(4): 548-560. 


  • Chen Y, Nan Z*, Zhao S, Xu Y. A Bayesian approach for interpolating clear-sky MODIS  land surface temperatures on areas with extensive missing data. IEEE Journal of Selected  Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 2020, 14: 515-528.  

我们在Yu et al. 2015的基础上,发展了一种利用时序上邻近的多个影像对缺失的地表温度进行晴空等效地表温度插值的方法。详细介绍见:https://permalab.science/modis-jstars-2020.html

一个批量将MODIS LST HDF转换为GeoTIFF的工具 v1.02


  1. 批量转换MODIS地表温度数据(LST)的HDF到GeoTIFF格式
  2. 支持多tiles的mosaic
  3. 支持剪裁(目前只支持指定矩形范围)
  4. 输出指定变量(白天晚上的LST、质量控制、观测时间共6个变量中的若干个)

当前版本 1.02

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一种简单有效的MODIS LST内插方法

一种简单有效的MODIS LST内插方法

Zhuotong Nan ([email protected], 南卓铜)


This tool implements a new interpolation method for MODIS land surface temperature (LST) following the theory of similarity. It estimates the missing LST pixels by known LST pixel sets which bear similar characteristics of LST variation as the missing pixels. A case study on the Qinghai Tibet plateau has already been carried out, showing its obvious advantages over the traditional geostatistic methods, the latter was unable to do with a large area and temporally continuous data missing situations. This approach is especially good for a study area with a large area and mountainous terrain.


fig 1a, with this approach


fig 1b, with Kriging

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