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欢迎参加AOGS2020 HS37: 多年冻土变化和冻土进展

欢迎同行参加AOGS2020,HS37: 多年冻土变化及建模进展,召集人赵林教授。
摘要截止: 2020年1月21日。摘要提交需要登录MARS系统。

AOGS2020, HS37:Permafrost Changes and Modelling Advances, Conveners: Zhao Lin, Mamoru Ishikawa, Fujun Niu & Zhuotong Nan.
Abstract submission due: Jan 21, 2020

While climate models project strong future warming, continuous changes in permafrost will have major impact on the Earth system, affecting climate system, water cycle and carbon cycle. There is an urgent need to understand the nature of the change of permafrost dynamics in response to climate change. It is therefore timely for a session to bring together studies that address recent advances in understanding, diagnosis and prediction of past and future changes in permafrost regions in Asia as well as improvements in numerical permafrost modelling.
28 Jun to 4 Jul 2020, Sono Belle Vivaldi Park, Hongcheon.