error 2102: detection error of ssd on x270

This error occurred after I reinstalled my x270 laptop. I cleaned all the data on the disks, reinstalled win10, and also reset the bios to factory settings. When I do a cold restart (shutdown and then press the power button), error 2102 (message reads “Detection error of storage device (m.2 ssd)”) appears before win10 starts. I shall press ESC twice before I can get the win10 system to come up. 

I have searched Google. All I found is that it is hardware problem, that you call the manufacturer and replace the storage device. So that what’s I did.  I bought a new 256G m.2 2248 SSD for 299 Chinese Yuan.

I unscrewed the rear cover of x270, and replaced the old ssd with the new one. Unfortunately, the same error appears on cold boot. Frustrating. But I changed my mind, it is more like a bios problem instead of a hardware problem.

Then I tried different settings. At last, I found a perfect solution.

  1. Press Enter key to interrupt the normal boot procedure.
  2. Press F1 to enter bios.
  3. Disable secure boot in the security tab of bios.
  4. Set boot UEFI mode to both, with UEFI first option.
  5. Save changes and reboot.

The error is gone! Bravo!

x270 disassembly view/ photo by Zhuotong Nan

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