Qs on OMS

1. introduce something about OMS
2. if there is a generic model interface, with which, any hydrological
models can be easily plugged in the system
3. integrate models together, such as hydrological, ecological and economic
models. How to implement?
4. any example on developing DSS on top of OMS?
5. any ideas on how to build a practical SDSS?
6. how to incorporate expert system into a DSS system? its presentation,
functions, etc.

7. does OMS support graphically model composition as MMS does?
yes, but implement in a tree organization. the graphic build is
8. the OMS/JavaBean framework same as the JavaBean IDE?
no. the framework is based on the IDE, with a major extension.
9. is it too complicated as a DSS?
the purpose of OMS is not to be a DSS. It provides a flexible framework to
build a hydrological model.

10. 对于模型计算过程中的状态变化,可以采用程序调试时的debug模式,将重要变量

11. How about the efficiency compiling and running under Java virtual
it’s a little bit slower than MMS. But it is affordable for current
12. How to incorporate GIS functions?
13. Is the latest version available through Internet?

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