DeltaCopy w/ rsync 3.2.2

Deltacopy repacked
with rsync 3.2.2

* Unzip the zip file to a folder, for example DeltaCopy_rsync3.22;
* Click DeltaS to set up the server;
* Click DeltaC to start to sync files.

For more details, plz go to

* Open cmd with administrator privilege, and type “sc stop deltacopyservice”, and then “sc delete deltacopyservice”;
* Delete the whole deltacopy fold.

* Don’t remove the etc folder, which is in place to solve potential permission problems arising from cygwin.
* I included a file named “exclude-list”, which is a text file and where you can put the files and folders excluding from rsync-ing. To make it work, you also need to make sure –exclude-from=’exclude-list.txt’ has been added to “Additional Parameters” under the Options tab of your DeltaCopy profile.
* Be careful to check “Remove deleted files from server” unless you know what will go on with this option. It will delete files from the server that are not present in the client.

Known issues
* Chinese characters in file names cannot correctly be displayed on the message window, although the files can be transferred without any problems.

rsync, 3.2.2
cygwin1.dll, 3.1.6

Repacked and noted by [email protected]
Sep 20, 2020

MD5 for checking integrity

224ad86e9d23a04ffb6f87a9a70b97e9 (~5.8MB)

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