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A GRACE paper in monitoring drought in Xinjiang

Cao Y, Nan Z, Cheng G. GRACE gravity satellite monitoring of drought chacracteristics in Xinjiang[J]. Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment. 2015, 29(8): 87—92.[曹艳萍,南卓铜,程国栋. GRACE重力卫星监测新疆干旱特征[J]. 干旱区资源与环境. 2015, 29(8): 87—92.]

Get the paper, caoyp.grace_.drought.xinjing (~365KB)


[1] Zhang L, Nan Z, Yu W. Coupling LUCC and Hydrological Models to Predict Land Use Change and Hydrological Response under Multiple Scenarios[J]. Journal of Geo-Information Science. 2013, 15(6): 829—839.[张凌,南卓铜,余文君. 基于模型耦合的土地利用变化和水文响应多情景分析[J]. 地球信息科学学报. 2013, 15(6): 829—839.]